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Mother Earth Sound System is an electronic music event collective. We are people who love all forms of dance music and the community based on sharing that music. Founded in 1993 within the San Francisco bay area rave scene, we have since spread to Oregon, Los Angeles, and are now primarily based in Denver, Colorado. Since 1997, we have been doing outdoor Full Moon Gatherings throughout the Rocky Mountains, as well as intimate indoor events that focus on eclectic, deep, quality dance music.

Our musical guests have included Robag Wruhme, Donato Dozzy, Surgeon, Joel Mull, Dan Bell, John Tejada, Alexi Delano, Derek Plaslaiko, Matthew Dear, Ryan Elliott, the Kooky Scientist, Greg Schiff, Stewart Walker, Maetrik, Jeff Milligan, Sutekh, Someone Else, Habersham, Jay Haze, Kit Clayton, Richard Devine, Dj Spooky, James T. Cotton, Eric Cloutier, Titonton Duvante, Dustin Zahn and many others.

Explore our site: download dj mixes, view event photos and flyers, shop for t-shirts, hoodies and stickers (when we actually have some in stock!), browse links to like-minded sites, and contact us!

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Full Moon Festival

Mother Earth Sound System presents
2015 Full Moon Festival
August 28-30

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